Dave Sherrod

User Experience & Product Design Leader

Empathy & Delight

My journey and growth in this amazing field of user experience design has blessed me with opportunity to design for people, helping them to complete tasks, achieve goals, and generally make their digital life easier. With flair, personality, and style, I empathetically strive to identify and execute design choices in my planning, processes, and digital design output.


In individual contributor and team leader roles, I've lent my blood, sweat, and tears to a diverse cross-section of desktop, mobile, and platform design experiences. I've listed an overview of some of my work below. I love what I do and I hope it shows. 

Design Showcase

Feel free to peruse some of the digital product design projects, visual and interaction design, and freelance design work I've devised and produced over my career. Of late, I've led UX/UI teams via circular, ucd and design thinking processes to research, prototype, user-test, and validate digital product design. For a detailed overview example of this process, please check out my UX case study site.

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Concept Design

Prudential's Deferred Income Annuity tool allows the modeling of exchange of a lump sum payment for guaranteed lifetime income. The tool was integrated throughout annuity and retirement educational content.

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